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Unfortunately, due to privacy, you'll need a direct link to proceed. Feel free to email me for the link! Or you can read about my contributions as a whole to Welltok below.

My contributions to Welltok:

  • Cross collaborated closely with internal teams to bring best UX practices & standardization to previously highly configurable solutions while still allowing affordances to meet the needs of clients and engage the end consumers of the product.
  • Simultaneously worked on a self-assigned & proactive team project of new user experience of consumer product while delivering current roadmap projects on time.
  • Collected and used user feedback in collaboration with the Product team, stakeholders, and my psychology education background to understand the consumer pain points, business rules, needs, and goals to iterate on how rewards were presented to drive and motivate user’s actions on the platform. Incorporated the business rules of Gift Cards, Premium Reduction, HSA / FSA, Paycheck Bonus, Paid/Volunteer Time Off, Merchandise, and Sweepstakes into the updated user experience.
  • Presented new user experience with a team of 3 to CEO & stakeholders which was later prioritized as a Q2 (and beyond) company goal for 2020.
  • Conducted usability testing on UX refresh of a consumer product with internal users and stakeholders as well as external users to ensure well researched and data-informed solutions.
  • Main designer to collaborate with developers once building and implementation of the new user experience began. Built strong relationships with the small team of developers to foster a collaborative and iterative process to ensure that the user experience worked as expected. Continued to design new functionality for the product while providing UX feedback to the current work being built.
  • Contributed to defining, documenting and implementing new components for Elevate, Welltok’s design system across product experiences.

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