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Iā€™m Sarah! Iā€™m a Denver-based UI/UX designer with a background in psychology who cares deeply about improving everyday experiences for real people through thoughtful strategy & design.

When I'm not designing you can find me:

šŸ’» Exploring and trying out new digital tools. Even with front-end development knowledge, I've been especially excited to see all the new no/low-code tools emerging!

ā˜•ļø Reading someplace sunny while drinking a coffee

šŸƒšŸ½ā€ā™€ļø Listening to music as I find new places to run to from city parks to bike paths and trails

šŸŒ® Enjoying tacos (any recommendations appreciated!)

šŸŒ± Growing small gardens filled with cacti and succulents in my apartment


Want to learn more about how I got into design? Read about it here ā€ŗ

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